About Us

Company data

“Geodezichesko proektirane” is registered on 22.03.1989 under company case № 4 of Shumen district court, as a collective of individuals company with founders Velislav Georgiev Haralanov and Deyan Ognyanov Gentchev.
On 11.11.1992 Sandor Vasilev Shalapatov , Tenyu Georgiev Kostov and Valentin Milenkov Christov are accepted as new associates in the partnership company. At the suggestion of the associates with judgement of SDC on 30.03.1994 the partnership company is terminated and all assets and liabilities were taken over by the civil law partnership “Geodezichesko proektirane” established on 18.10.1993. The civil law partnership was formed by all the previous associates of the partnership company under art. 357 and the following of the of the Obligations and Contracts Act and is registered in TDH – Shumen on the 19.10.1993. The contract for partnership is with notary certification № 9447/20.Х.1993 of SDC. The tax registration of the civil law partnership is made on 19.10.1993 under № 1270549957.
Since the civil law partnership is unincorporated and is not judicially registered under the Commercial Act, a limited liability company “Geodezichesko proektirane” is registered on 18.03.1998 with ruling under company case № 299/1998 of SDC, in which all associates at the previous forms of partnerships are involved.
“Geodezichesko proektirane” Ltd. has a UIC 127053626 and 2798102991 UCN court registration, Volume I, page 153, reg. 1, bat. 299 of the SDC. Place of business of the company is Shumen, 3 Otets Paisee st, fl. 4, ap.8. According to the founding act all associates are managers and can represent it together and separately.
The working office of the company is in Shumen, 109 Saedinenie st., fl. 1, office 11, with phone numbers +35954830829, phone/fax +35954802392, and GSM +359896751201.

Scope of activity

According to the founding contract the main direction of cooperation is geodetic and construction design.

Specialized staff

Currently “Geodezichesko proektirane” Ltd. – Shumen has 14 people on staff, 12 of whom are on employment contracts and 2 are self-employed. Four of the permanent specialized staff are listed in the registry of qualified persons under art.17, p.7 of the CLRA and one is with full design capacity to CEID for “Land Surveying”.

“Geodezichesko proektirane” Ltd. is registered in the register of persons authorized to perform cadaster oprations with resc. №852/25.09.2001 of the AGCC.

Professional experience

Performed activities for the application of the OUALA:

  • Plans for land division of 19 settlement territories, including 2 under the program PHARE of the EU /1993 to 1999/;
  • Plans and maps of 40 settlement territories in relation to the ownership restitution of forests and lands of forestry funds, / 2000 /.;
  • Pilot project under contract with MAF for performing compensation with land in Veliki Preslav Municipality – 400ha / 2001 /;
  • Sliven-activities under § 4 of OUALA l. “Gyurgyunlyuka” – 62ha / 2002 /;
  • Sevlievlo – activities under § 4 of OUALA l. “Krushevski бair” – 400ha / 2005 /;
  • Lovetch – activities under § 4 of OUALA l. “Sinan hill” – 100 ha / 2008 /;
  • Shumen – activities under § 4 of OUALA l. “Sakarka” – 94ha / 2011 /;
  • Shumen, Lozevo village, Veliki Preslav – activities under § 4 of OUALA – 106ha /2012/;
  • From 2003 to 2006 under contract with the MAF we performed technical activities for maintenance and updating the maps of restituted propery for court region Shumen and court region V. Preslav – total of 105 land territories;
  • From 2006 to 2012 under contract with the MAF we performed technical activities for maintenance and updating the maps of restituted propery for court region Razgrad – total of 35 land territories;
  • From 2013 to 2015 under contract with the MAF we are performing technical activities for maintenance and updating the maps of restituted propery /MRP/ for court region Novi Pazar – total of 44 land territories.

Participation in creation of cadastral maps:

  • Shumen – Sever 192 ha /2003/
  • Shumen – Industrial area 516 ha /2003/
  • Pomorie – 350 ha /2007/
  • Railway station Kaspitchan – 16 ha /2009/

Some bigger cadastral plans:

  • НИАР Veliki preslav – 400 ha /1995/
  • village Voivoda, Novi Pazar Municipality – 80ha /2000/
  • village Kameniak, Hitrino Municipality – 100 ha /2000/
  • Shumen – Sever 230 ha /2001/
  • village Markovo, Kaspitchan Municipality – 100 ha /2007/

For the last five years we have performed the following bigger projects:

  • Geodetic activities for gasification of Shumen, Kaspitchan, Shumen Region, Beloslav, Provadia, Aksakovo, Valchi dol, Varna Region with contractor “Chernomorska gazova kompania Ltd. – Varna;
  • Land surveying of BMW СМР and creation of underground cadaster of subzone A of Industrial Park – Shumen S.A. ;
  • Land surveying and production of project for protraction of buildings owned by SE “NRIC” in the MRP for the land of Beloslav and the land of Razdelna Varna Region with contractor SE “NRIC”;
  • “Rehabilitation of the central pedestrian area of the town of Shumen geodetic surveying of underground infrastructure, staking out piquet points, making longitudinal and transverse profiles and geometric leveling” with principal the Municipality of Shumen;
  • “Leveling the displacement levels at the site of the factory “Han Omurtag “S.A. – Shumen” commissioned by “Han Omurtag “S.A. – Shumen;

The main part of the company’s activity is related to serving the needs of ordinary citizens and in this regard we have performed for the last five years in the Northeast Bulgaria:

  • Geodetic survey of more than 1500 land properties;
  • Detailed development plans /regulation plans/ of more than 500 properties;
  • Vertical layouts for more than 100 properties;
  • Staking out the borders of more than 3000 properties;

Technical equipment of the company

We have a full range of modern surveying tools and technical resources necessary for quality performance of various tasks, namely:

  • total stations – 3 (three) units;
  • dual-frequency GPS receivers for geodetic surveying – 3 (three).;
  • off-road vehicles – 3 (three);
  • computers – 13 (thirteen) units;
  • printers and plotters – 9 (nine) units.;
  • licensed software for creating of cadastral maps and processing geodetic measurements – ten (10) work places.

In addition, under the Operational Programme “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy” 2007-2013 – Procedure BG161PO003-2.1.04 “Technological modernization of small and medium enterprises,” according to Contract № TMM-02-133/17.07.2009 signed on with BSMEPA we are beneficiaries and at the end of 2010. acquired the following equipment:

  • Total station Leica 1205TCR, with the build on to the GPS system Smart Station – perfectly combined in a new high precision total station and GPS receiver system, using which it is possible to perform classical geodetic measurements without prior establishment of a working network in the territories to which there isn’t one created.
  • Digital level Leica DNA03, together with the necessary accessories for its precision height measurements allowing performance of precise geometric leveling.
  • Color Inkjet device HP DesignJet T770 – large format plotter for specialized drawings.
  • Colour laser multifunctional professional device Develop Ineo +452- format A3.

Organizational capacity of the enterprise:

With the existing permanent staff and equipment at any time there can be up to three teams for field surveying work and six separate experts remain for office data processing and customer service. With this way of work organizing we have managed in the recent years to perform services for numerous single contractors, as well as to perform single major tasks. All these activities have been performed timely and with high quality.